This is a demonstration page to show you how Bell HomeWorks Network puts your best foot forward so you look good to your viewers.

     Much of the "raw" footage we receive from clients, or shoot ourselves, needs to be digitally manipulated to remove all the "distracters" that would take the attention of the viewer away from the focal point of the site.  Here you will be able to see how we altered some of those pictures, and how they relate to the image the company wanted to present to the public. 



     Cherry Hill Limousine, one of our first customers, provided pictures that had a number of visual obstacles that needed to be addressed before their site could be published in a manner that befitted their business.  The "raw" footage we received needed a fair amount of work to remove all the "distracters" that would take the attention of the viewer away from the focal point of the site ... the limousines.



     The opening page shows a line up of the limousine fleet.  In the original photo you can see the parking lot had all the white parking lines that took your attention away from the limos.  In the bottom "after" shot you can see we removed all those distracters.





     This picture shows the luxurious interior of the large white interior limo, but you are looking out the window at another limousine.  So, we simply removed the limo and replaced it with background trees, thereby returning your attention to the inside of the vehicle.





     This picture beckons you to get inside the limousine.  But first you have to get beyond the sign over the hood of the vehicle, and the house behind the trunk.  Although this solution is a bit whimsical (when you know what to look for), no one wrote to ask how the trees over the trunk managed to float in the air without tree trunks to support them.  And, once again, we removed those pesky white parking lines.





     Say hi to Tomas.  He provided security service, but it was hard to take him seriously with door trim from the building behind him sticking out of his head.  He also didn't think his white pants transmitted the solemn security image he wanted to portray.  So we removed the offending head antennae, darkened his pants to black (which matched the car nicely) and, yet again, removed the street lines.



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