Model Rocketry Tips

by James Bell (TRA 4957)

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Pictures & Diagrams

This controller has ignited 5 motor "G" clusters

12 Volt Launch Controller

This is a hi-resolution GIF file

Controller Wiring Diagram

CLICK HERE to download the instruction sheet for the controller in PDF format

A no-frills verions of the 12 Volt controller

Economy version of the launch controller

35' of extension cord wiring works great

Wiring harness and leads

RMS 18/20 - 24/40 - 29/40-120

Aerotech's Reloadable Motor System casings

Made from a standard 12 Volt auto brake bulb

Bulb tester for launch controller

Copper tubing cut on the leading edge

Launch Lug Detail

CRITICAL to wire in parallel and NOT series

Cluster wiring connections

ALTS2-50K model has dual ejection control and altitude readout

An electronic altimeter from ADEPT

These are actual aircraft switch guards

Red covered aircraft grade switch guards

Two 7.2 volt batteries (in series) provide 14.4 volts of raw power

NiCad batteries provide the power for good ignition

A good example of NOT getting the CG/CP relationship right

An aborted 4" model of the famous

Saturn V design

Keeps itchy kid fingers from surprising you while you are hooking up igniters

A leftover computer keyboard lock provides security

This lauch button looks like the real thing

This button means business - push it and it's off to the races

CLICK HERE to acquire your own Red Guarded Switch Covers (from


(All programs are in ZIP'd format)

321Rocketry - Phoenix, Arizona company that can meet most of your non high-power rocketry needs

ALTPRED - Great Windows based altitude prediction program with additional high-power database

CP-CALC - Windows based program to help make Center of Pressure Calculations

Elliptical Fin Template Generator - Prints paper template for elliptical fins

Engine Mounting Template Generator - Prints paper template for motor mounts

FinGuide - Produces fin layout template on printer

Shroud Designer - Prints paper template for shroud transitions between body diameters


NAR / TRA Safety Codes - Safety codes, motor classification, minimum field dimensions

"How To" Tips

Calculating a Rockets Altitude

Recommended Books


This book is THE standard

Links to cool Rocketry Sites

(Alphabetically listed [so no one gets offended])

Model Rocketry Flight & Resources - A vast resource for the model rocketry enthusiast compliments of ElleJet

321Rockets - A Phoenix, Arizona company that will meet most of your non high-power rocketry needs

ADEPT Rocketry - If you need electronics for your rocket, they have it

Aerotech Rocketry - THE leader in composite solid rocket motors

Commonwealth Display's, Inc. - Mail order shopping site

Doctor Rocket - Low cost motor casings for Aerotech Motors

Estes Educator - Rocketry 101 for the beginner (great info for experts too)

Estes Rockets - This is the company that started it all

LOC/Precision Rocketry - Great company with budget rockets

Magnum Rockets - Mail order shopping site

National Association of Rocketry (NAR) - The other parent organization for model rocketry

Public Missiles Ltd - Mail order shopping site (excellent high-power rockets)

ROCKETMAN Enterprises, Inc. - THE place for serious high-power rocketeers - Your flying model rocket kit store

Rocketry Online - Your global rocketry resource

Shareware Download Directory - Get lots of free programs, graphics, sounds, etc.

TRIPOLI - One of two parent organizations overseeing model rocketry (High-Power only)

Zeppelin Hobbies - Mail order shopping site (NJ)